Life with the People

Cultural exchange is one of IJUE AFRICA SAFARI’S main goals.  A special IJUE program will allow you to meet the local people and experience many of the aspects of their community in Karatu.

          Karatu is one of the small, local villages on the way to Tanzania’s national parks.  You will be visiting the Iraque tribe meet with the tribe’s chief, Baba Dingi.  You’ll be fascinated with the chief’s explanation of various aspects of daily life in his tribe.  You’ll learn how men in the tribe make bricks from local materials and you’ll walk through the vegetable and coffee fields. Then comes the traditional dance performed by the villagers in traditional dress.  When you visit the local market, you’ll purchase some groceries for the chief’s family and then share a meal with them.

          Your heart cannot help but be touched by this picture of real life among the villagers.  IJUE spends $15 of each traveler’s payment to fund maintenance and furnish supplies to local schools. It is this long relationship between IJUE and the local community which has made IJUE one of its largest supporters.


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