What shall I bring?

  • Kwaki-colored clothing is recommended; do not wear brightly colored clothing during the safari
  • Sunglasses
  • Insect repellent
  • Both closed-toe and open shoes
  • Valid travel passport: valid visa for Tanzania ($50 for European travelers; $100 for US travelers) and for Kenya, if traveling from that country
  • Yellow fever vaccination, stamped on passport, if entering the country from Kenya
  • Check with your local health department to determine which immunizations are suggested and/or required
  • All clothing, essentials, cameras, etc., should be packed in one duffel bag and one back pack per traveler.  This reduces the weight of the load on the jeep and/or if inter-country flight will be taken.  Most airlines limit weight for a checked bag to 50 lbs., plus your carry-on.  Internal and domestic flights have a maximum weight of 33 lbs.

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