Three Pillars of IJUE

What makes IJUE AFRICA SAFARIS different?

The mission of IJUE AFRICA SAFARIS rests upon 3 principles:

1. Managing Director, Jerremia Mbwambo, is a local operator who has dedicated his life to providing high quality service and building long-lasting relationships – relationships with your tour guide, your fellow-travelers, and with the local people you will meet.

2. IJUE tour guides have a special passion and love for what they do. As they share their country’s treasures with you, they are also teaching the local community how to improve their standard of living through tourism.

3. IJUE’s quality control department will be working around the clock to make sure that your adventure is of the highest quality. IJUE always remembers that your safari in Africa may be one of the greatest experience of your life.  An African safari is like nothing else in the world, a special time that you will remember forever.  Jerremia wants to be sure that this experience meet and exceed all of your expectations.


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